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Life Is So Weird

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Paranormal Stories...

Stories of the Paranormal...I believe they are you?

Werewolf Story

Somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, there lived a young boy named Sheem. Tragedy struck early in Sheem's life - both his parents were killed leaving only his older and brother and sister to care for him. Barely able to catch enough game for themselves, Sheem's siblings had to regretfully let him fend for his own. He would have soon perished of malnourishment but for a habit borne out of necessity: he had taken to following a pack of wolves and to eat what little scraps they left of their kills. The wolves didn't let this go unnoticed and took pity on Sheem. They began to leave more left-overs of their kills and eventually, they even allowed Sheem to eat with them - as they would any member of their pack. This went on for many months, and during that time, Sheem grew stronger under the auspices of his newfound family. One afternoon while returning from a fishing trip at the lake, he heard weeping coming from the shore. He paddled closer and recognized a human shape surrounded by wolves. Upon nearing shore, he recognized his brother surrounded by wolves. Sheem was not the same person he had left behind though, his eyes had aquired the golden-tawny color typical of wolves and though he looked mostly human, there was something feral about him. Sheem shouted out "My brother! My fate is near! My woes are ended! I shall be changed!". and upon pronouncing these words, his transformation from man to wolf accelerated. Worried over the change his brother beached his canoe and tried to gather him into his arms crying "Nee Sheema! Nee Sheema! My little brother! My little brother!" but with newfound strength and agility Sheem eluded his brother's grasp. Looking back one more time, Sheem bounded away - alternately howling and calling out his brother's and sister's name. Completely changed, he disappeared into the woods never to be seen again.

Fi explinations...

1. Dark Angel: Bringer of death; people usually see them if they are going to die or when something bad will happen to them or a family member or friend.
2. NDE: Near death experience
3. Prophecy: Sometimes a dream that tells the future, a vision.
4. Medium: somewhat like a fortune teller except they are able to talk to and receive messages from the dead.
5. Mental Medium: someone who sends and receives messages DIRECTLY to and from the dead.
6. Automatic Writer: someone who writes messages from spirits
7. Clairvoyance: the ability to see things through their mind
8. Telepathy: the ability to read minds; ESP
9. Precognition: the ability to see future events
10. Retrocognition: the ability to see into someone’s past
11. Clairaudience: the ability to hear things undetectable to the normal human ear
12. Cairn: a Celtic grave marker
13. Red Haired Revmant: an Irish banshee also called a Ban-Sidhe-Fairy
14. OOPA: out of place artifact; an artifact that didn’t belong in it’s time (example, archeologists found a 2,000 year old alkaline battery. Seriously!)
15. Sacrifice: an offering mostly for the dead
16. Siren: in ancient European times sailors told of beautiful women who would sing just one note and lured those sailors to the deaths.
17. Gremlin: Legend has it that Gremlins have been helping humans since the beginning of time, some say they were even responsible for bringing about the Industrial Revolution. Because they weren't given any credit for this, Gremlins began to put their ingenity into acts of sabotage and mischief. They were said to have caused machinery to break down at the most inconvenient moments during World War II, providing an usual explanation for how Britain bested Germany. Nowadays, some believe they are infesting houses, word processors, and sewing machinery. Gremlins are thought to be green and small with long webbed feet, sporting spats, tophats, vests, and breeches. They are friendly pranksters not malicious. Their mischievious grins may be the last thing you see before they short out your cell phone or fuse together the wires on your laptop.
18. Will-O-The Wisp- mischevious Scottish creatures often resembling pixies. Sometimes called spunkies.
19. Ymir: the first troll from Norse Mythology, killed by his two brothers
20. Merfolk: mermaids, mermen, basically, merpeople!
21. Doppleganger: a ghost of a living person; a divided part of a single personality. A missing part of a living person
22. Changeling: A changeling is an ugly ravenous monster with superhuman strength, secretly exchanged for a human child.
23. Parallel Universe: a universe identical to ours except for the choices you make in real life change in the parallel universe.
24. Conversion Dream: a dream that 2 or more people are having at the exact same time

Be sure to let me know what you hear and I'll add it to this page!